Antiques Nautical Maur

Antiques Nautical Maur
Yuri Margorsky
Thanks for visiting my web site! I would like to offer you antique nautical, aircraft & photo instruments.
All devices are sold for cash (US Dollars). Sometimes I have rare-to-be-met aircraft, ship, vintage, military chronometers & clocks, meteo, optical, geodesic instruments & photocameras. If you need something that's already sold, tell me, I'll look for one just for you. Feel free to ask me for any navigation instrument made in DDR or USSR.
If you are interested in purchasing any of these items or have any questions, please e-mail me, Yuri Margorsky:

Please be sure to add this site to your "bookmarks".Visit my site regularly as I will try to have new items of interest on a consistent basis. Do not hesitate to repeat an e-mail.
All the best.

photocameras for sale

Camera FED-2
1. FED-2


Camera supports format 24mmX36mm.
Camera Iskra
2. Iskra


Camera supports format 60x60mm.
Camera FED
3. FED


Camera supports format 36x24mm, Russian analog of Leyca.
Camera Zorkiy
4. Zorkiy


Camera supports format 36x24mm, Russian analog of Leyca.
Camera Start
5. Start


Camera supports format 36x24mm, Russian Sport Photo camera.
Camera Moskwa-5
6. Moskwa-5


Camera supports two formats: 60mmX90mm & 60mmX60mm.
Camera FK(D)
7. FK(D)


There are two formats this camera: 130mmX180mm & 180mmX240mm, cassette and threepod.
Camera Kiev-4(m)
8. Kiev-4(m)


Camera supports format 24mmX36mm, appereture control.
Camera KIEV-30micro
9. Micro-format camera Kiev-30


Camera supports frame on 13mmX17mm. Camera has size 28mmX47mmX86mm, weight 190gm (without pocket).
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