Antiques Nautical Maur

Antiques Nautical Maur
Yuri Margorsky
Thanks for visiting my web site! I would like to offer you antique nautical, aircraft & photo instruments.
All devices are sold for cash (US Dollars). Sometimes I have rare-to-be-met aircraft, ship, vintage, military chronometers & clocks, meteo, optical, geodesic instruments & photocameras. If you need something that's already sold, tell me, I'll look for one just for you. Feel free to ask me for any navigation instrument made in DDR or USSR.
If you are interested in purchasing any of these items or have any questions, please e-mail me, Yuri Margorsky:

Please be sure to add this site to your "bookmarks".Visit my site regularly as I will try to have new items of interest on a consistent basis. Do not hesitate to repeat an e-mail.
All the best.

meteorological for sale

Soviet barographs
1. Soviet barographs


Long before satellites and computerized weather services, Soviet sea captains depended on barographs like these to keep their ships and crew safe from inclement weather.
The complex system of chambers in these '40s-vintage barographs sensed the subtle changes in atmospheric pressure. The data was captured on the recording wheel by way of an integrated clock drive and pen arm device. 11"x7"x5".
Soviet barographs
2. Soviet barographs


Soviet anemometers MC-13
3. Soviet anemometers MC-13


Plastic Case, Wood Case.
picture picture
Soviet anemometers(induction) API - 49
4. Soviet anemometers(induction) API - 49


Soviet aspiration psychrometer
5. Soviet aspiration psychrometer


Model MB-4M.
New Fischer barograph
6. New Fischer barograph type 207R DDR


7. Barometer (USSR)


8. Hygrograph


9. Wind-checker


10. Wind-checker


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